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What is this workshop all about?

Empowering emerging leaders to achieve maximum impact

“Dare to Lead: Unlock Your Leadership Potential” is a dynamic, exclusive one-day workshop for a select group of AFS Youth Assembly Delegates.

The workshop is designed to empower emerging leaders to achieve maximum impact. Participants will engage in interactive sessions with experts from the NGO and corporate worlds that focus on cultivating leadership skills, enhancing decision-making abilities, and boosting emotional intelligence.

Through expert-led discussions, hands-on activities, and personal reflection, attendees will explore innovative strategies to lead effectively in any environment. This workshop provides the tools necessary to inspire confidence, and drive impactful change, setting the stage for attendees to unlock their full leadership potential.

Explore innovative strategies to lead effectively

The workshop program will focus on these engaging sessions:
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Explore your strengths

In our opening session, we will utilize a customized tool for assessment to identify your natural talents and optimize your potential. You will learn about your inherent strengths and explore ways to develop and apply these talents to achieve your fullest life. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to compare your strengths with those of other participants, gaining insights into how you can further enhance the skills you already excel in.

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Learn from successful leaders

Join Dr. Helmut Schuster, former head of Global HR at a Fortune 500 company and an investor in social impact projects. Dr. Schuster will share his insights on skill development,building successful teams, and self-care as a leader. Additionally, as an investor, he will discuss the qualities he values in leaders and offer strategies for developing those skills.

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Unleash the power of AI

This part of the workshop is for aspiring leaders to understand the current debate around AI and seeking ways to integrate artificial intelligence into their strategic toolkit. AI is your ally. In this session, participants will explore the transformative power of AI in various industries, learning how it can optimize operations, enhance decision-making, and drive innovation. We will bring together a few industry leaders from NYC to showcase the most recent developments and possibilities.

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Integrate new leadership skills

The last session marks the culmination of our workshop, where we connect the dots between discovering personal strengths, learning from seasoned leaders, and embracing AI technology. This final session synthesizes the key lessons from previous discussions, emphasizing the integration of self-knowledge, team dynamics, and AI insights into a coherent leadership strategy. Participants will work collaboratively to formulate actionable plans that incorporate their personal strengths, leadership qualities, and AI tools to drive success in their respective fields. This comprehensive approach ensures that future leaders are well-equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly evolving professional landscape.

Meet your facilitator:

This workshop will be led by Dr. Lucas Welter, AFS Chief Organization Development and Strategy Officer, and NYU Steinhardt Adjunct Faculty (Leadership and Innovation).

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Who can attend this workshop?

This workshop is right for you...

…if you are an already registered Delegate for the 2024 AFS Youth Assembly, and you want to:

  • Cultivate your leadership skills, enhance decision-making abilities, and boost emotional intelligence
  • Explore innovative strategies to lead effectively in any environment
  • Get the tools necessary to inspire confidence, and drive impactful change, and unlock your full leadership potential.

All attendees who complete the workshop will receive an official certificate from AFS Intercultural Programs.

Spots are limited!

The registration for for the “Dare to Lead: Unlock Your Leadership Potential” one-day workshop is $250.
The registration fee includes:
  • One-day workshop on August 19, from 9 am to 5 pm ET in New York City
  • Custom leadership strengths evaluation
  • Networking with a select group of Delegates and experts
  • Official certificate issued by AFS Intercultural Programs
  • Lunch

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