“For me, the AFS Youth Assembly is a symbol of hope for a better world, as young people come together to tackle global challenges and drive positive transformation.”

Savannah is a junior doctor from South Africa, currently completing her medical internship and a Masters in Public Health at Khayelitsha District Hospital in the Western Cape. Savannah has a keen interest is in Global Health, a discipline that allows her to combine her passion for clinical medicine with her heart for improving equity and social justice in healthcare. Her dream is to see improved and equitable access to quality and timely healthcare services across Southern Africa and she believes this can be achieved through a thorough understanding of health systems and their interaction with policy and research. Savannah has a passion for global health leadership and her aim is to utilize her medical career to engage beyond her clinical role, acting as an advocate and researcher, working to ensure that South Africa occupies a space on the Global Health agenda.

In her spare time you will find Savannah hiking in the mountains, attempting to surf, traveling the globe and spending time with friends and family.


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