“The AFS Youth Assembly serves as a learning space for young people across the globe to discover opportunities, network with changemakers, and get inspired to bring global action to their local communities, all aimed at advancing the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Roman Gojayev is a gender activist, international facilitator, and trainer; co-founder & development director of Gender Hub Azerbaijan, a youth-centered feminist organization working towards strengthening a multi-stakeholder approach to achieve extensive gender equality and women’s rights in the country. Roman is one of the appointed 35 leaders of the 2023 Obama Leaders program under the Obama Foundation. He is a proud Board Member of the Generation Connect Visionaries at the International Telecommunication Union of the UN and a member of the Human Rights Education Youth Network.

He has 6 years of experience working with national and European NGOs in coordinating and providing capacity-building training in the youth work sector. He has worked with different UN specialized agencies such as UNDP, UNFPA, and OHCHR including with several Embassies.

The projects Roman has been organizing generated at least eight thousand stories. The projects he organizes are working towards advancing SDG targets.

Previously, he was a member of the Expert Group on Youth Rights at the European Youth Forum. In addition, Roman has worked for the National Youth Council of Azerbaijan (NAYORA) as the International Relations and Program Secretary.


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