“The AFS Youth Assembly is a gathering of young change makers. It is also an opportunity to learn, grow, network and build partnerships.”

Olamiposi is dedicated to promoting access to quality education for Nigerian women and youth. As the Managing Director and Program Manager at Genesys Foundation, Olamiposi has demonstrated expertise in developing and implementing program strategies to advance technical education and entrepreneurship in Africa. Olamiposi’s ability to build and nurture strategic partnerships with agencies, non-profit organizations, and community leaders has maximized program impact and brought about transformative change.

Olamiposi’s passion for youth empowerment and entrepreneurship is evident in their project management experience. She has successfully managed and contributed to projects such as the Tanzania Women Development Campaign, Africa Tech Expo, TxE Africa, Genesys Startup Boost, Shell Sponsored SheCan Skill Acquisition Project, Genesys Ignite, Google Developers Community (Female web development bootcamp). These projects have not only provided vital support and resources to youth and entrepreneurs but have also fostered innovation, inclusiveness, and economic growth.

With positions held in organizations such as Afrilabs (Vice president, electoral committee), Africa Business Heroes (Judge and mentor), Pioneer member ISN Corporate Innovation Thematic Group, Olamiposi brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective.

Olamiposi recently received the 2nd place AFS Award for Young Global Citizens and is a member of the youth advisory committee.

Olamiposi is fluent in English, Igbo, and Yoruba.

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