The Youth Assembly is a place of empowerment and an amazing platform to meet other ambitious young leaders who wish to transform the way we think about impact and continue fighting to promote values and ideas of equality, diversity, sustainability and human rights.

In the past five years Shiraz has dedicated her life to working in the International Development and Humanitarian sectors through social entrepreneurship and NGO management in a wide range of social and economical development programs. She has worked on education, decent work and economic development, the digital divide and women and youth empowerment in the global south and with refugee communities. 

As a firm believer in social business ventures as a long-lasting tool to promote sustainable development and social change, in January 2020, she launched a pilot for a socially-oriented business model aiming to create an impact model that eliminates the variable of philanthropic donations and can be adapted to different businesses. Her main objective was to improve the chances for long-term results and on-going stability in the impact sectors by creating autonomy and economic independence.

Today, Shiraz works as a deputy director of an NGO working to promote social mobility and equal opportunities among disadvantaged communities through closing the digital divide, she is a member of the board of directors of Little Light Uganda NGO and an active member of the Effective Altruism community that advocates for the use of evidence in altruistic work in order to maximize individual and organizational impact and promote large scale, measurable impact initiatives.

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