Zhiyan started her activism in environmental education at fifteen and established a social enterprise — Beijing Chimera Low Carbon Technology Co., Ltd — to empower youth on climate action. More than 700+ youths in 7 states in China participated in Chimera’s educational program, and more than 20+ researches were initiated and published by the youths. Besides continuous education programs in schools, Zhiyan also coordinated National Low-carbon Technology Summit at Beijing International Conference Centers and cooperated with more than 30+ organizations, such as Wharton Global Youth Program, Tsinghua University, and Grameen Bank.

Zhiyan Yu

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While being an undergraduate at the University of Southern California majoring in both Business Administration and Accounting with a specialization in Environmental Studies, Zhiyan has been actively involved with local authorities and sustainability frameworks in Los Angeles, attending meetings held by Blackstone Sustainability, and proposing solutions to work on local Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Next summer, She will devote herself to sustainability assurance service at Deloitte Inc, conducting climate risk assessments, mitigation strategies, and qualitative & qualitative ESG data analysis for business entities.

Having worked as the Youth Assembly Ambassador for three years, Zhiyan conducted marketing & fundraising activities for the Youth Assembly semiannually and successfully coordinated more than 20+ Chinese delegates’ trip arrangements from China to the States. Her passion in bringing youth to learn sustainability will never terminate, and will continue to make a youth impact around the globe.

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