The 27th Session of The Youth Assembly:
Dare to Reshape the World

August 12-14, 2022 in New York City 

Today, our world faces a combination of century-old problems and unprecedented challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic has lifted the veil on how different groups experience crises around the globe, shedding light on inequalities across all sectors among vulnerable and marginalized populations.

But while we are in the midst of a generational catastrophe, we are also the most connected generation in history. And while there is immense cause for concern, this interconnectedness presents us with an incredible opportunity to reshape our world. There are 1.2 billion young people around the world prepared to tackle the challenges of our lifetime and reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

The talent, drive, and innovation of youth is key to achieving a better world. For the past 18 years, the Youth Assembly has been a platform for forward-thinking young people determined to create a better future for all. The Youth Assembly brings together the world’s most talented young leaders to learn, engage, and take action. This conference will equip hundreds of young people from across the globe with new knowledge, skills, and networks needed to be leaders who can initiate positive change on a large scale.

Dare to Reshape the World

Launching on International Youth Day, the theme of the 27th Session of The Youth Assembly is “Dare to Reshape the World.” Through discussions, skill-building workshops, networking, and ideation challenges, and with the support of experts and practitioners in the field, young attendees will gain the relevant resources and opportunities they need to reshape the world.

The program agenda will focus on four core areas where there are urgent challenges and exciting potential for young people to take action, aligning with the United Nations Secretary General’s Report on Our Common Agenda:

  • Track 1: Youth in relation to Peace and Politics; Education and Climate action;
  • Track 2: Global Health in relation to Mental health and Covid-19; effects on Marginalized populations;
  • Track 3: Global Citizenship: Leadership and Resilience in today’s world;
  • Track 4: Digital Cooperation and Inclusion: Technology and Artificial intelligence.

Attendees can either concentrate in detail on one core area, or explore various topics according to their preference and expertise. The program will also consider the intersections of these issues.

Additionally, Youth Assembly Delegates will have various opportunities to showcase their individual work and generate impact including through the AFS Award for Young Global Citizens Pitch Competition for $10,000 and two runner up prizes of $2,500 each; Outstanding Youth Delegate Award; an Action & Impact Hub, and upon completion of the event will join our global network of alumni focused on action and impact.

To further enrich the Youth Assembly experience, three immersive thematic packages will be offered to Delegates to delve into the topics of International Affairs for participants interested in the work of international organizations and the United Nations, Social Impact with a certificate from the University of Pennsylvania, and Global Citizenship Education for young teachers globally.

The Objectives

Over the course of The Youth Assembly, delegates will pursue the following objectives:

  • Connect and engage: Build partnerships and motivation by connecting with influential young leaders, experts, and practitioners from across sectors and world regions.
  • Learn and develop skills: Discover groundbreaking new tools, knowledge, training, and resources to succeed in their projects.
  • Take action and create impact: Co-create solutions and engage in new initiatives and opportunities to accelerate your impact in local communities and the world.

The Outcomes

The outcome of the Youth Assembly is a powerful cross-sector and cross-national network (already 20,000 strong across 160 countries) connecting the next generation of leaders, translated into action-based projects and initiatives after the conference. Delegates will leave the conference equipped to confront challenges, seize opportunities, and make a difference in their societies and communities.

We expect participants to experience The Youth Assembly not as an event, but as part of a journey that helps them realize positive change on the ground in their communities and across the world. The 2019 Youth Assembly Impact Report showed nearly 100 active projects working towards the Sustainable Development Goals in local communities.

To continue their impact journey, Delegates are encouraged to stay in touch with our global alumni community, as part of an international movement of young changemakers developing groundbreaking solutions to tackle the world’s greatest challenges. Furthermore, Delegates are encouraged to take on leadership roles within Youth Assembly programs, becoming the change they seek in their communities, and bringing these unique opportunities to young changemakers locally.

The Youth Assembly aims to catalyze transformation for a better world.

The time to reshape the world is now. 

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