Hugo Enrique Osorio holds a Bachlor of Arts with honors degree in Political Science & International Relations and a Masters degree in International Law from the UK. At present he works from Colombia as an advisor for the high presidential council for youth. In 2020 he was a representative within the UN Youth Plenary and the ECOSOC Youth Forum.

Hugo Enrique Osorio

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He began his work as a teenager working from the British capital representing the different needs of the Latin American migrant populations in different political and social platforms. He had the opportunity of intervening in different forums within the House of Commons and then later on represented Colombia in the prestigious Global Forum for Young Diplomats in London.

He leads two social organizations; The GKC foundation focused on SGD4 by which he has supported over 300 children with schooling equipment, nutrition, extracurricular activities and psychological therapy for their families aimed at parenting and life skills. With Dream & Impact (Sueña e Impacta) he has visited over 18 cities in Colombia carrying out his main motivational conference based on his life in the UK as an immigrant whilst also supporting youth in becoming social activists that can greatly impact their communities and helping them strengthen their own charities and social enterprises.
In 2021 Hugo won a scholarship aimed at the 30 top Young people in Colombia changing politics.

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