Delton Domah is Liberian youth leader and advocate with a longstanding history of community service and volunteerism. He is currently enrolled at Towson University graduate school studying Information Assurance. Delton possesses about nine years of devoted experience in global youth development and empowerment.

Delton Domah

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He is the Head of Outreach Affiliation of Women and Child Rights Advocates in Liberia, a group of Liberian women and children advocates who organized the largest protest against sexual and gender-based violence in 2020, thus, leading to the president of Liberia declaring rape a national emergency in September that year.

Delton is a board member of the Healing Liberia Foundation, a charitable organization based in Liberia that helps in assisting less fortunate Liberians with needed medical support and care. Since the launching of this organization in 2020, it has helped cover the medical expenses of over 60 young Liberians  up to the age of 25.

His innovations are tailored at alleviating some of Liberia’s worse impediments; among which include sexual and gender-based violence, the evolution of ICT in Liberia, support to the dangling education and health sectors, youth empowerment, equality, etc.

Currently, Delton has developed projects that support Goals 1, 4, and 9 of the SDGs. These series of projects are initiated alongside other young Liberians from diverse professional backgrounds and leading solutions for community empowerment, resilience, and sustainability. Since his engagement with the Youth Assembly, Delton has had the opportunity to forge impactful networks and partnered with young leaders that have tremendously impacted his life and agenda for humanity.

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