Daniela is a college student, but also a political and social activist. She has spent her years of youth working towards the 2030 Agenda and advocating for gender equality, climate action, clean water and sanitation and reduced inequalities. She founded a national NGO where young people all around Costa Rica get together to learn and advocate about the SDGs, work on social projects and to construct and promote positive leaderships. Also, Daniela has started a very young political career in her country, which has given her the opportunity to work with communities, youth and the environment in Costa Rica. She has developed different programs to empower young women and to educate on environmental and social justice. As an ambassador for the Youth Assembly and for Water is Life, she has opened new spaces for Costa Rican youth, she has given the opportunity for new leaderships to arise and she has worked very hard to reduce inequalities between city and rural youth.

Daniela Coll Ross

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