Dana Al-Anzy graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University in 2017. She also holds an Executive Certificate in Advocacy in International Affairs from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. She is a multi-sector strategic partnership approach specialist with the Education Above All Foundation and has experience working with UNHCR on Refugee-led Organizations at the HQ in Geneva.

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Her passion for empowerment and sustainability began in high school, where she volunteered as a student teacher to marginalized communities in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

A firm believer in the power of civil society and education, Dana has since worked with numerous UN agencies and foundations on sustainability projects related to accessing education, Refugee empowerment and youth advocacy.

During her yearlong nomination and training with WISE Learners Voice Program, Dana developed a local tutoring program for primary aged refugee children in the Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya. The program tackled education access and equity barriers children faced. She then worked on developing a pilot tutoring project that was launched in Ethiopia with Education Above All Foundation as an Advocate to assist with the retention of primary school children which included field visits to Ethiopian universities and schools.

Dana advocated in several high level UN conferences on youth engagement policies highlighting the power of Qatari youth and the empowering effect of Qatar’s National vision 2030 on them. She has served as the Qatar Youth Ambassador to the YA since 2018 and facilitated the nomination and training of over 60 Qatari Youth Delegates to date.

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