Giulia Milioto is a Social Impact Coordinator at the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation and an MBA graduate from Porto Business School. Shefounded a non-profit organization based in Germany and realized projects for music education in developing countries such as Eritrea and Madagascar.

Giulia has been involved with the United Nations Volunteer online program in support of  two unique programs of  the NGO “Teach a Man to Fish”: (1) in occasion of the “School Enterprise Challenge” to improve business education to more than 1200 unprivileged young entrepreneurs who cannot have access to a proper business education in their countries across the world;  and (2) in occasion of the Pan-African Awards 2017 to promote entrepreneurship in education across Africa, evaluating and scoring applications of NGOs.

Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for analytics, as well as for team leadership and sales campaign design, she has a verifiable history of contributing directly to organizational growth and expansion throughout her career. Professional focal points include market research and analysis, marketing and sales campaigns, music workshop design, client relations, and strategic planning.

As a 2018 Youth Assembly Delegate, she continues to be very passionate in achieving international cooperations, dedicated to be a mentor to our young people in developing solutions to international problems of any economical, social, cultural, or humanitarian character.