A data scientist by profession and an impactful life coach, Swathi always had an inclination to live in the world better than what she found. A philanthropic at heart, Swathi raised money for orphanages and old age homes back in India. She moved from India to the USA in 2013 and graduated with Master’s in Engineering Management fromSyracuse University in New York. She thrives to bring in a change in the society for women and true merits and is set out to prove to the world that nothing is impossible. She believes in the saying, “even impossible has “I’mPossible” in it”. She started the Selflessness Movement last year, which focuses on providing sustainable farming solutions to farmers and prevent high suicide rates among the farmers. It even helps farmers meet the needs of regional requirements by establishing a support line for their debt issues and providing best practices to overcome their problems. Due to her entrepreneurial innovative contributions, she was invited to be a Forbes Under 30 Fellow at “Forbes 30 under 30” last year. With the success of this non-profitSwathi hopes to continue her philanthropic work and partnership with many other like-minded people for the betterment of the society.