Recognized as the youngest Emirati inventor in 2015, Fatima has had a passion for creativity and innovation since she was seven years old. Her love of science was immediately recognized by her parents, who nurtured her fondness for experimenting and chasing her dreams. With the support of her government, she was able to create 12 inventions that focus on solving issues found around her community such as a smart steering system to prevent texting while driving and the teleporter, a robot that attends school for sick children.

For more than four years, Fatima has been making positive contributions to the community of the United Arab Emirates by creating social platforms around innovation and creativity. Through volunteer tutoring and workshops, she has shared her passion for and knowledge of the sciences to more than 2000 students across her region. In 2016, Fatima obtained an internationally accredited certification for peer-to-peer training and counseling.

Fatima has also participated in more than 34 student activities and events covering all educational levels. Furthermore, Fatima’s involvement in local and international conferences and forums has contributed to the UAE’s nation-building efforts, reflecting positively on the UAE’s international image.

Fatima has received many awards for her achievements, including the Abudhabi Award in 2018, winner of the UAE Robot Olympics in 2014, the UAE Pioneer Award as UAE’s youngest inventor in 2015, the Arab Award for the Best 10 Inventors and Innovators of 2015, and the Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak International Award for Arab Youth in 2017.