Akhilesh Reddy is a social worker committed to realise his dream of universal qualitative education and planet 50-50. He is a very active and strong SDG advocate working in that direction for the implementation of Global Goals. He is a firm believer in the potential of youth and women.

He has great experiencing in actionable campaigns and mobilising masses with diverse range of audience ranging from students, educationists, policy makers, politicians, government officials and communities.

He is natively from India, an engineer by profession, sociopreneur by passion who looks at himself as a global shaper. He has done his bachelor’s in India and moved to United States to pursue higher education, where he graduated at UNCC with masters in computer science and started working as a data engineer.

His inclination towards data has drawn his attention towards how potentially able the current generation youth are. So, he chose to tap this capability towards realising the global goals. GoalsOnWheels is an ambitious project that he has embarked on to reach youth and build humongous workforce which is aware, capable and willing to work for implementation of global agenda.

“I personally have a dream to see that all children and youth are in school, learning and earning quality education. Education is the best weapon. If we can just educate and change one generation of youth we can change the world at once and forever.”