get empowered with the knowledge, skills and networks to impact the world

Enhance your Youth Assembly experience

The Youth Assembly is a platform where AFS Intercultural Programs brings together some of the foremost young leaders and social entrepreneurs from over 100 countries to learn, engage and take action to solve global challenges. Delegates who choose a Package will:

  • Conduct seminar-style activities,
  • Participate in a live pitch where a winner will be selected,
  • Experience first hand the work of global organizations through site visits, and
  • Prepare action plans to address track-specific issues.

Choose a package to enhance your skills, gain new resources, and strengthen your action network

Why choose a Youth Assembly Package?

The youth of today are the largest generation in history. As they stand at the forefront to inherit and shape the future, it is critical to provide young people with knowledge and understanding of the factors contributing to the world’s greatest problems.

The Youth Assembly Packages introduce aspiring leaders into the world of international development and affairs through an exploration of key principles and practices across a wide range of global issues, as well as high-level exchange with important players in the field.

Delegates will have the opportunity to visit local, national, and/or global institutions from various sectors, interact with their experts, and understand how these organizations implement the SDGs and their solutions to major world issues. In addition to joining hundreds of other young leaders and changemakers at The Youth Assembly, Delegates also attend specialized learning sessions to analyze issues, contribute ideas, and plan action-oriented solutions. Delegates get access to special events to network and celebrate diversity and global citizenship. 

Learning Objectives

Through immersive specialized programs, you will be able to:

Educate and Develop

Get the knowledge and skills necessary to address key sustainable development issues based on your specific package

Connect and Engage

Join the dialogue and network with fellow Delegates, leading organizations, and experts in your chosen field

Act and Impact

Propose solutions and plans to drive action for sustainable development

General Agenda for Packages

Discover the general agenda for each of the Packages.

More specific details coming soon!

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What's included in each package

Compare all package options in the table below:

Please note: All Package options include full access to the conference (the 27th Session of The Youth Assembly) in New York City. 

Not Included:

  • Round-trip flight arrangement
  • Airport transfers
  • Visa application and fees (if applicable)
  • Travel/healthcare insurance
  • Personal incidentals and expenses
  • Transportation outside the programs

Package fees


International Affairs

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Conference-only fee

Each Package includes the fee for the Youth Assembly conference (August 12-14, 2022):

Early-bird → applies from February 9 to March 9, 2022 → $295

Regular → applies from March 10 to June 2, 2022 → $365

Late → applies from June 3 to July 25, 2022 → $405

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