“The Youth Assembly stands as a vibrant forum for intersectional collaboration, igniting the transformative potential of young minds dedicated to global progress. I am most enthralled by the assembly’s role in interweaving the tapestry of youth advocacy with the threads of sustainable action and policy influence.”

Dedicated public health advocate specializing in global health with a Master of Science in Global Health and Population from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University and a Bachelor in Pharmacy from Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls at Dubai Medical University. Committed to tackling the world’s paramount health challenges using an evidence-based, innovative approach. I stand at the crossroads of infectious disease control, the health impacts of climate change, and the quest for equitable health access.

Passionate about health innovation, youth empowerment, and education. At Harvard, my research delved into the long-term effects of COVID-19 in Brazil, showcasing the potency of statistical modeling in understanding disease burdens. Beyond academic pursuits, I led the Middle East and North Africa Student Organization as its President, championing unity, cross-cultural, and intercultural understanding among the Arab members of the Public Health School, which is crucial for efficacious global health initiatives and partnerships for the Goals. This facilitated collaborative discussions on various humanitarian topics related to health. Cross-cultural dialogue is the bedrock upon which global health solutions must be built, especially in an era of international collaboration. For sustainable development goals, I am committed through my profession to support SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being, as health is a right for all, through increased accessible quality health care by achieving SDG 10: Reducing Inequalities. My work embodies a bridge between academic research and practical solutions, driving impact where it’s most needed.


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