“The AFS Youth Assembly is an inspiring platform for global change, and what I love most is connecting with fellow passionate young leaders.”

Thaís, an AFS volunteer since 2017, has cultivated her passion for international relations. She’s held leadership positions within AFS, including President of the AFS Committee in Recife. Currently pursuing a Law degree at Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Thaís actively engages in global initiatives focused on SDG 16, notably the ASIDH Group focusing on the Inter-American System of Human Rights. In addition, she was a valued member of the Brazilian delegation for the 2021 EPIIC event hosted by Tufts University.

She’s initiated projects like Projeto Civilis, facilitating access to justice, and represented her university at the Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court in 2023, reflecting her dedication to human rights and international affairs.

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