“The AFS Youth Assembly is the inspiration that drives youth to make their difference.”

My name is Sophie Maria Fasshauer and I am currently studying International Relations at the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences.

My passion for international politics and the will to make a difference drove me to these studies. Personally, I am committed to SDG 3 and 4.

I founded two working groups, each focusing on the implementation of health nutrition and mental health, and offering relevant educational opportunities and events, respectively.

Since I myself enjoyed an exceptionally good education at the boarding school Schloss Hansenberg, it is also important to me to work to ensure that high-quality education is not a privilege but rather accessible to everyone.

In this regard, I am particularly involved in debating, the Young UN Network Germany, the European Youth Parliament and the United Nations Association of Germany. There, we organize show debates as well as educational and rhetoric workshops to introduce young people to the work of the European Union and the United Nations. In particular, however, debating is an important part of my life. Debating is a rhetorically proficient way of dealing with current challenges.

By presenting opposing positions, the points of contention are sharpened so that one can subsequently form an informed opinion. Above all, however, one gains an incredibly important insight by putting oneself in the perspective of those affected. You learn what respect actually means. Overall, debating gives you an in-depth insight into the cornerstone of any social cohesion: constructive discourse.

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