“The AFS Youth Assembly has given me access to a forum where I can interact with other young people who share my opinions and learn the skills we need to become the changemakers who work to build a sustainable society. Without a doubt, it has also had a huge impact on the call to action, where it is essential that all generations and cultures sit down at the same table to share our thoughts and knowledge.”

Layan is a dedicated Saudi medical student at Alfaisal University in Riyadh. She is committed to utilizing her skills to help others, while working towards the mission. Layan is very passionate about global health because it combines her love of clinical practice and medicine with her aim to promote healthcare equity and welfare.

Layan’s research and passion for SDG 3 brought to light the crucial role that young doctors may play in advocating for their patients. She believes that gaining a complete understanding of health systems including how research and policy relate to them would help her achieve her goal of ensuring that everyone has enhanced and equitable access to timely, high-quality healthcare services worldwide.

Layan wants to use her medical knowledge to get involved in activities that are outside the scope of being a medical student since she is enthusiastic about global health leadership. She will achieve this by representing Saudi Arabia as a researcher and advocate, working to ensure that it is included on the global health agenda.

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