“Clarifying your organization or initiative’s brand strategy can help you create visuals, messaging and materials that are more likely to engage your audiences and achieve your mission.”

Farra Trompeter is a Co-Director at Big Duck, a worker-owned cooperative that develops strong brands, campaigns and communications teams for nonprofit organizations and NGOs. Farra is a part-time faculty member at New York University Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and previously served on the boards of NTEN and the NYC Anti-Violence Project.

Connect with Farra

Farra Trompeter will facilitate a workshop titled, “Developing your organization’s brand personality.”

Your organization has a personality—a tone and style—that is reflected in how you present yourself and how people respond to you. Farra Trompeter, co-director of the nonprofit communications firm Big Duck, will explain what having a “brand personality” means and how it can help your organization connect with audiences and support your goals. She’ll share examples and lead you through an exercise to craft your organization’s brand personality. We’ll include a live feedback session as one person volunteers to share their drafted personality and get feedback through a review of their brand identity via their website. In this workshop, you will:

    • Understand what brand strategy is
    • Discover how other organizations have shaped their personality
    • Define your own brand personality and learn how to apply it to shape your brand identity