“The trailblazers at youth assembly will augment their leadership through connecting to mentors & mentees to breakthrough for the future”

AugMentors was born as a pandemic project between leaders, friends and energetic entrepreneurs, Jimmy Edgerton & Julie Meyer. With a desire to help people connect more authentically with others and grow to their potential, they started recording their conversations about their mentoring experiences leading to the AugMentors podcast, the number one mentoring podcast and member of the HubSpot Podcast Network. With eight principles in hand, AugMentors is taking the show on the road and supporting the Youth Assembly to grow great leaders.

Julie will facilitate a workshop at the 2023 AFS Youth Assembly.

The AugMentors AFS workshop is grounded in the theory of (human) network strategies. You will meet two energetic entrepreneurs, Julie and Jimmy, who have grown companies and innovated within institutions utilizing the power of mentoring relationships. You will get you up out of your seat, and practice the AugMentors eight principles that will give you the superpower to connect better with others, and provide relationship tools to help you grow to your potential. Through our 80+ podcast episodes on the topic of augmenting leadership through mentoring, we have learned that all great leaders have great mentors. However, the leaders who leave the greatest impact are the ones who mentor others. Become an AugMentor with Julie and Jimmy!