“The Youth Assembly’s provision of a cross-sector and cross-national network is an important catalyst for speeding up positive change.”

Kwamena Addo Nhyira Hammond is an open-minded individual with a positive approach to change. He is an alumnus of the KL-YES study abroad program with AFS and holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing. He has three years of experience in start-up elevation and strategizing marketing plans. He has been involved in several community projects with KL-YES alumni and other organizations.

He is also an entrepreneur with recent start-ups namely; Ignite and Tracycle.co which are renewable energy and waste management inclined respectively. Furthermore, he has eight years of volunteer experience with AFS-IEP Ghana and also a volunteer with the Ghana Recycling Initiative for Private Enterprises (GRIPE) which aims at implementing innovative and sustainable plastic management solutions in Ghana. This has involved sensitizing the public on plastic waste, and partaking in clean-up exercises and plastic buy-back activities. 

Kwamena A. N. Hammond believes that all contributions through partnerships made available in the global network of like-minded people will speed up positive impact. Thus, is always willing and ready to make new positive connections.

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