Patricia Kumbakisaka has been named most accomplished Black Canadian, Sustainability Leader and Woman of Influence of Canada. Patricia’s expertise is in foreign policy.

Patricia Kumbakisaka

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She comes from a diplomatic family and has lived around the world, including Romania, Greece and Canada. Her family is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo; however she has never been there and hopes to visit one day. She’s followed her own passion for diplomacy, has represented Canada at the 2018 UN Youth Assembly and UN Romania and other countries where she elevated her voice in international dialogues, empowered youth to advocate for future generations. She is also fluent in French, English, Greek, Swahili and Romanian.

Patricia developed a project called Canada’s diversity advantage, which was designed to engage youth in an interactive sharing of multi-generational and a deeper understanding of the historic journey and importance of migration, diversity and inclusion in Canada. She studied Political Science and specialized in International relations and Foreign Policy at the University of Manitoba, did foreign policy research at the Institute of Cultural diplomacy in Berlin, Germany – and Peace studies and conflict resolutions at the University of Ottawa. Her SDG projects focus on SDG 10 reducing inequality and SDG 17 partnerships to achieve the goal. Patricia hopes to be a diplomat and continue to represent proudly her country of Canada.

Connect with Patricia