Miguel Ángel Ortega is a 24 years old Business Administration student at URJC (Madrid, Spain) involved in youth activism all across his country. He attended the Youth Assembly for the first time at the 25th edition and, since then, he has made a huge community of young leaders in Spain, done conferences at his university, his promotion graduation speech and TV and written media appearances.

Miguel Ortega

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He cofounded Easy Commute, a sustainable way for reducing CO2 emissions for students going to the university by car, focussing on the 11th, 12th and 13th SDGs, that was chosen for the Impact Hub at the 26th Youth Assembly, being the only project from Europe to be part of that Hub.

Miguel Ángel also has experience in volunteering as, when he was 17 years old, he helped young students in social exclusion risk at one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the city where he was born, Jaén, endorsing the 4th and 10th SDGs
He is also developing an e-learning portal with his own made company, which already has teachers from the best universities not just from Spain, but from places as South America and the United States.

Miguel Ángel firmly believes that a change is needed to change our society and is ready to “Dare to reshape the World”, trying to concern his fellows, friends and everyone to join this change, promoting the 17th SDG.

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