Syed Shoaib Hasan Rizvi is an advocate of women’s economic empowerment. In 2012, he founded the ‘I Am An Entrepreneur’ campaign in Pakistan, which provides microloans and mentors to women to develop their entrepreneurial ventures. While pursuing a Media undergraduate at Western University, Rizvi launched a women’s vocational training program in Charsadda, a girls’ school and women’s empowerment center in Sargodha, and made a film called “Voices from Karachi” featuring the lives of women and children affected by terrorism. Rizvi’s work promoting gender parity was recognized with the Outstanding Youth Delegate Award at the Youth Assembly.

Rizvi is an intern at the United Nations World Tourism Organization. He has been a speaker at several high-level conferences on sustainable development, including the Winter and the Summer Youth Assembly, the World’s Challenge Challenge at Western University, and the youngest person to address the Undergraduate Awards Global Summit at Farmleigh House, the official Irish State guesthouse. Rizvi is the Global Schools Ambassador at the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.