Pamir Ehsas is a Norwegian-Afghan law student and philanthropist based in Oslo. He came to Norway with his family when he was only seven years old, but he never forgot the experience and has since devoted his time to helping other children from Afghanistan have the same opportunities he has been given.

As the CEO and founder of Brighter Tomorrow and Studentaksjonen, he has already ensured the schooling of 1,750 Afghan children and youth in Afghanistan through nationwide fundraisers in Norway – with the aim of doubling this amount this fall.

His advocacy work has involved being a United Nations Youth Delegate twice (representing both Afghanistan and Norway), and proposing foreign aid guidelines to the Norwegian Parliament during a hearing on Afghanistan-Norway relations. Pamir has also been a vocal voice in Norwegian public debate as youth columnist and editor at Aftenposten (biggest newspaper in Norway).

His achievements have led him to become a multi-award winning young philanthropist, receiving awards by HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, the Afghan ambassador to Norway and US Dept. of State.

Starting next year, Pamir will be taking leave from his law studies in order to pursue a Certificate of Higher Education in Political Economy at Oxford University.

Pamir’s goals are simple yet complex: changing the world for the better, and his efforts do not stop until every single child have the same rights to education.