Aria Mia Loberti is a homeschooled high school senior, hailing from Rhode Island, USA. At the Youth Assembly, Aria Mia is focused on Goal 5 of the SDGs, Equal Rights for Women, in conjunction with equal rights for people with disabilities; her overall goal is to spread awareness of the lack of legal representation of disabled individuals. A passionate, lifelong activist for blind and, like herself, visually impaired students, Aria Mia has advocated on the state and local levels; the Youth Assembly is her first international forum.

Additionally, Aria Mia is the founder of The Life Geek, a concept, blog, and Ignite Talk inspired by her personal experiences with illness and disability, which encourages people to “geek out about life”, using their unique knowledge, passion, and creativity. A certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, she teaches physiologically-based yoga classes throughout Rhode Island and is one of the youngest people to ever hold the title of Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher. She also is a volunteer computer skills instructor to elders with visual and physical disabilities, introducing skills for a daily living using Assistive Technologies.

A recipient of the President’s Award of Educational Excellence, Aria Mia is currently awaiting her acceptance to college, where she will engage in premedical studies. When she isn’t studying, advocating, or teaching, you can find her reading, sketching, spending time with her family, or watching her favorite episodes of science fiction television. Please feel free to connect with Aria Mia on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or on her blog,