IMG_3782 – Li LOU
Speakers, Workshops

Nugroho Sunjoyo, World Bank

  Nugroho is the External Affairs and Communications Officer in the Sustainable Development Group of the World Bank. He is currently focused the Bank’s communications for agriculture and food. Nugroho…

Rosy Fynn
Panels, Speakers

Rosy Fynn, Mastercard Foundation

  Rosy Fynn is a distinguished change leader with a wealth of experience in International Development, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Consulting, and Insurance. Rosy is currently the Ghana and Nigeria (acting)…

Jimmy Edgerton
Speakers, Workshops

Jimmy Edgerton, AugMentors

“AFS leaders have the tenacity to act globally, and we hope to AugMentor their actions thru our eight Principles of Mentoring.” AugMentors was born as a pandemic project between leaders,…

Julie+b.w – Julie Meyer
Speakers, Workshops

Julie Meyer, AugMentors

“The trailblazers at youth assembly will augment their leadership through connecting to mentors & mentees to breakthrough for the future” AugMentors was born as a pandemic project between leaders, friends…

Priya Joshi
Panels, Speakers

Priya Joshi, GEM Report, UNESCO

“Solidarity for SDG4 means fulfilling the promise of multisectorality: engaging with non-education audiences; working across all levels: from international to local and community stakeholders; and across types: public, private and…

Jamie Metzl
Panels, Speakers

Jamie Metzl, OneShared.World

“Our younger generations are not only the future of humanity—they are also our best hope.” Jamie Metzl is one of the world’s leading futurists and Founder and Chair of OneShared.World.…