Rochelle Prasad from Canada is an advocate for the UN SDG #4 Quality Education and a Youth Assembly alumna. Attending the event in 2019 has helped foster growth in her life and career, connecting her to a wide network of leaders. Learn more about Rochelle, and join us at the upcoming AFS Youth Assembly in August 2024 in New York City. Apply now.

  • What has been your main takeaway from attending the Youth Assembly? What have you learned at this event, how has it shaped or changed you?

Attending the Youth Assembly has underscored the power of youth voices in driving sustainable community development. Engaging with passionate young leaders has reaffirmed my belief in our ability to enact positive change and has motivated me to support youth efforts in building a better world.

  • What causes do you advocate for and why?

I advocate for accessible and quality education for all (UN SDG#4), inspired by my family’s history of limited educational opportunities. As the first in my family to pursue and complete post-secondary education, I am deeply committed to this cause. As a teacher, I strive to provide equitable educational experiences and advocate for policies that ensure every individual has the opportunity to learn and succeed.

  • What do you wish more young people would know about changemaking and social impact?

I wish more young people understood that changemaking and social impact don’t require grand gestures; even small actions can make a significant difference. It’s essential to recognize the power of collective action and the ripple effect of individual efforts in creating positive change. By embracing empathy, collaboration, and perseverance, young people can become catalysts for meaningful societal transformation.

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