The fourth AFS Global Ideathon is happening from May 31 to June 2 – and you can be a part of this!

Born as a response of AFS volunteers to the pandemic to connect people in a world without physical travel, it evolved to be a global platform for leaders and changemakers around the globe. Submit a challenge, join as an Ideathoner and share the event via your social media to create awareness about this opportunity. This is your chance to learn about design-thinking, become a part of the global platform, receive a certificate for your commitment and help to advance global citizenship.

What is this Ideathon?

This is a global 2-day digital event (a marathon for ideas – ideathon) organized by the volunteers of AFS from around the world. Diverse teams work across all time zones on specific challenges to come up with concrete solutions. Everyone (individuals and teams) is invited to sign up for this unique experience. No restrictions, no costs.

How does this look in practice?

The Ideathon follows a so-called design-thinking approach. The idea of design thinking is, to first get to know the problem in-depth through research. Second, you collect as many (crazy) ideas as possible on solving it. Third, as a team you prioritize the ideas in reference to their feasibility and impact. Fourth, you try to outline a concrete project plan for the best idea. Eventually, you develop a pitch-deck for your project – and can win the Ideathon! In addition to these 5 phases, the Ideathon offers a first extra phase for team building – so you can find your team to work on a challenge you want to solve.

Which challenges will be in the center of the Ideathon?

Everyone who joins the Ideathon can pick one challenge to work on. Right now everyone can submit a challenge! The Ideathon team will select 10 challenges out of all submissions which fit the focus of the Sustainable Development Goals, The AFS Youth Assembly and the AFS International Strategy. Have a look at the challenges and solutions of the previous years to get a better impression.

Who is behind the Ideathon?

The Ideathon is an initiative of AFS volunteers. It is planned and facilitated by an amazing group of volunteers from all continents! It is an amazing achievement that we can offer this cool event together like this without any costs for participants.

Want to be a part of it? This is how you can join!

First, make sure to sign up as an Ideathoner and join this global community. It will take place from Friday, May 31 until Sunday, June 2. Also, feel free to invite friends and others who think would enjoy this global engagement!

Second, you can submit a challenge! Are you working on a problem in your community for which you want to raise awareness and the whole world should be thinking about it? Feel free to submit!