As we stand at the midway of tackling the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the 2024 AFS Youth Assembly (August 16-18, 2024 in New York City) will celebrate 20 years of empowering and changing the lives of young people across the globe with the backdrop of the upcoming United Nations Summit of the Future.

The theme of this session of the AFS Youth Assembly is “Forge Our Shared Future.” As global citizens we need to come together to save our planet, our people, our shared prosperity and create a peaceful world where we and future generations can live and thrive. After consultation with hundreds of young leaders worldwide, four core areas were identified as the program agenda where there are urgent challenges and exciting potential for young people to unite and take action:

  • Global Shocks: Tackling Humanitarian Crises
  • Future of Education: Leveraging Technology & Innovation
  • Save our Planet: Unite for Climate Action
  • Food Security: Strengthen Global Food Systems 

The agenda for the 2024 AFS Youth Assembly will include more than 30 sessions tackling the event theme. Find out more about the exciting panel discussions that will center these conversations in partnership with some of the leading experts and practitioners in the field:

➡️ Rebuilding from Humanitarian Crisis 

This panel focuses on various groups’ roles in rebuilding from humanitarian crises, in particular it sheds light on varying needs based on the type of crisis, empowering affected groups and the role youth can play in recovery.

➡️ World Humanitarian Needs 

This panel focuses on urgent humanitarian needs around the world. It looks deeper into the issues prevalent in the current humanitarian system including funding trends and explores ways to improve the conditions of people suffering the most.

➡️ Digital Technologies in Education 

This panel will explore how technology in education can enhance learning experiences, make education more equitable, and keep all actors (students, teachers, administrators, parents, etc) better supported and informed. We will explore what needs to be done to unlock the power of digital teaching and learning.

➡️ Fine Tuning Skills for Jobs of Tomorrow

This session will look into the current trends in employment and emerging needs across the board (from job seekers to employers, educators to policymakers, large businesses and startups). What do young people need to know to be better prepared for the job market, given significant recent disruptions like the pandemic, global conflicts and the resulting inflation, as well as technological developments, like AI and a transition to remote work?

➡️ Humanitarian Crises in Climate Change: People Centered Solutions

This panel will focus on how the climate crisis contributes to and exacerbates humanitarian emergencies globally. It will delve deeper into the lives of people affected the most and what we as an international community can do to alleviate and prevent such catastrophes for today and tomorrow’s generations.

➡️ Rightsizing Climate Tech Solutions

This panel explores the role of technological solutions in addressing today’s rapidly changing climate. What is needed to scale the climate technology that we currently have and what do we most critically need to invest in next? How do we balance investments in technology-forward solutions, along with changes that are needed in policy, finance and behavior?

➡️ Future of Consumption and Production

This panel will address the changes that must be made to our current system of consumption and production, including the role of education, government policies, and global collaboration.

➡️ Advancing Food Systems for People and Planet

The objective of this panel is to discuss current food production systems and opportunities to improve these systems for people and the planet. It also explores ways in which youth can spearhead tackling future food insecurity as the generation that will be most affected in years to come.

Get inspired by trailblazers and influencers, engage in in-depth discussions to develop practical skills, make connections with young leaders from all over the world. Join us at the AFS Youth Assembly on August 16-18, 2024 in New York City.

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