“Forge Our Shared Future”, August 16-18, 2024 in New York City

The Call for Proposals in now CLOSED

Deadline to apply: February 23, 2024
(proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis and program slots filled on a first-come first-serve basis) 

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Become a Program Partner as an official speaker or host a session at the AFS Youth Assembly and share your ideas with young leaders from over 100 countries. Program Partnership enables you to: 

  • Showcase your organization’s work, values and brand to a talented pool of young people.
  • Join or build a creative and interactive panel/workshop connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Promote the AFS Youth Assembly to constituents on social media and other outreach channels
  • Receive benefits including discounts and complimentary day pass to access to the conference on the day of your presentation

As a Program Partner, you’ll join notable organizations in empowering youth for global change. AFS Youth Assembly Program Partners play an important role in the development of our program. Civil society international organizations, advocacy groups, universities, private sector and other institutions that empower individuals through capacity building or are interested in engaging youth through their work are a great fit for the AFS. Youth Assembly. Sessions are designed to provide our Delegates new knowledge, skills, tools, and networks to effectively make a positive impact on our world.

The AFS Youth Assembly annual conference gathers about 700 of the world’s most dynamic young people each year in New York City, from over 100 countries to connect with like-minded peers, trailblazers, and influencers; develop global competence and critical skills; and transform their vision for a better future into action. Attendees, ages 18-32 are committed to working for impact in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and represent some of the most dynamic, upcoming talent among young people in this field.

  • One of the world’s largest youth events focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Founded in 2004, with roots going back to 1958
  • 20,000 Alumni from 160 countries, including the UN Secretary General’s first-ever Envoy on Youth Ahmad Alhendawi & Former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan
  • 1,000+ youth-led projects have been generated by Youth Assembly participants in their home communities, see most recent reported projects in the 2019 Youth Assembly Impact Report.
  • Multiple leadership opportunities for delegates to win awards and prizes of up to $10,000 dollars to fund their social impact projects, and recognition on a global stage
The Call for Proposals in now CLOSED

Deadline to apply: February 23, 2024 (proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis and program slots filled on a first-come first-serve basis)

Download the brochure

All proposals will be reviewed and are subject to approval. Please note that the submission of proposals or recommendations does not guarantee a spot in the program.

Topics for Proposals:

We are seeking submissions in line with any topic within the four AFS Youth Assembly focus areas: 

  • Global Shocks: Tackling Humanitarian Crises
  • Future of Education: Leveraging Technology & Innovation
  • Save our Planet: Unite for Climate Action
  • Food Security: Strengthen Global Food Systems

Proposals that offer the following to the audience are particularly desired:

  • Field experience and hands-on work is highly valued
  • Give new ideas and insight on a particular topic
  • Motivate and inspire the audience
  • Feature interactive engagement with and participation of the audience
  • Provide practical and useful information or advice for young leaders
  • The program seeks to reflect a diversity of geographical representation
  • Highlight follow-up resources or opportunities for youth impact in that field

Session Formats:

Participants benefit from having a variety of style and format of events. We are open to innovative proposals in session format, or one of the following formats. Each session will be 1 – 1:15 hours long.

  • Skill-building Workshop – session with interactive training in a particular skill or topic with specific outcomes
  • Solution-building Workshop – solution-building session that encourages the audience to actively brainstorm new ideas
  • Informative Workshop – detailed and interactive session offering new ideas, resources or information on a particular topic
  • Panel Session – thematic session with multiple speakers sharing various perspectives with Q&A

Speaker fees:

As a nonprofit organization, AFS Intercultural Programs is not able to provide financial support at this time. We are extremely fortunate to rely on all our program partners, speakers, and organization for their crucial contribution. Our speakers have delivered speeches and insights to our Delegates free of charge. This is what allows us to keep the Youth Assembly as accessible to our Delegates as we can, making it one of the most affordable events of its kind. This is especially important for us as the majority of our audience is youth from around the world, largely developing countries, trying to make a difference in their own communities.