“The AFS Youth Assembly is the gate for the future world leaders where you meet young leaders from all over the world and all of them aim to the same goal which is a better, safer, and peaceful planet. The AFS Youth Assembly gives you the opportunity to find the bigger vision of your goals.”

I’m a Science student majoring in chemistry and microbiology. Member of The Ambassador’s youth council to advise the U.S. Ambassador on issues pertaining to shared objectives within the U.S.-Egypt relationship.

Working on SDG #4 quality education and #10 reduce inequalities by designing an application to help the deaf and hearing impaired people community by raising awareness about their community and how to deal with them in addition of teaching the sign language and interpreting the signs into spoken language and vice versa.

I have given orientations to more than 200 students about different SDGs and helped them to create ideas to help them in their own communities. I’m also a Kennedy-Lugar YES program alumnus 2018-2019. I won the AFS volunteer scholarship 2021.

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