“Youth participation is the heartbeat of progress, fueling fresh perspectives, innovation, and empowerment. Our voices shape a brighter future for all. Together, we thrive!”

Leticia, better known as Lety, is a 21-year-old Global Studies student at the University of Salamanca. From a very young age, she has been involved in various social impact projects implementing the SDGs. As a university student, she is particularly interested in public international law, political science and state relations, in which she hopes to specialize in the future. She also has a strong focus on human rights and equal opportunities.

Originally from El Salvador, she has had the opportunity to get involved and help directly in various situations of social inequality and extreme poverty. She is the founder of the Club Electi Interact SS Sur, a member of the Rotary International family. An organization of young people willing to make a difference for the country, which as friendly, knowledgeable, and principled agents of change, aims to provide humanitarian services in the different communities, and gradually to help build goodwill and peace.

She is currently involved in various voluntary activities to promote social equality, with organizations such as the Red Cross and Cajas Solidarias. He has participated in several Model United Nations, including MUNUSAL and KULMUN.

Lety will speak in on the Youth Assembly Ambassadors panel.