Noel Ifeanyi Alumona, Founder & CEO of Boys Champions, is a leading global voice in engaging men and boys in advancing gender equality and positive masculinities. Noel is an internationally recognized young leader driving systems change in education, gender equality, working across youth development, education of children with disabilities, and state and federal policy to improve outcomes for youth and families. He has a proven track record of developing programs on healthy masculinities and male allyship, mobilizing cross-sector partnerships and lived-expertise to drive effective innovation at the local, state, and federal levels to solve both entrenched and emergent challenges. He enjoys building new systems, innovations and solutions from ground up.

As an accomplished international social development expert, Noel holds a Master’s in Education with a focus on special education, trauma and disabilities, as well as expertise in teaching DEIA and trauma programming. His interests include promoting trauma-informed communities and schools, and ending gender-based violence, with a commitment to achieving equity for all. Noel is dedicated to providing necessary support and resources to enable young men to become part of the process of ending gender-based violence globally.

After watching his mother raped by a gang of three armed young boys and losing his mother to death from complications resulting from the incident, Noel founded Boys Champions 20 years later to ensure that more women do not fall victims of violence. Noel received the AFS Award for Young Global Citizens at the 2022 AFS Youth Assembly.

Noel will speak on the International Youth Day panel.