Kathy is a Learning Strategist who is passionate about helping others reach their full potential. She is a Global Technology Learning Lead at Accenture. She obtained her B.A. from Cornell University in Psychology, and her M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Outside of work, Kathy enjoys photography, skiing and singing; she also loves to read and reads a book a week. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, two kids and two dogs.

Kathy will facilitate a workshop titled, “Skills for the Future.”

Join this interactive workshop to learn how to think about your career journey.  In this session, we will discuss: What skills are in demand? How do your skills support your aspirations? What skills and experiences do you need to prepare for your next opportunity? What practical steps will you take next?

Kathy Chen, Leadership Development and Learning Strategist with Accenture, will walk you through activities and reflections designed to help you understand how to progress along your skilling journey. You will leave with a deeper understanding of yourself, the start of a growth plan and every day techniques you can use to skill for your future.