“As a former participant, staff and speaker, I can tell the Youth Assembly is one of the most exciting global events in the world, especially for people who are starting a career in this field, just like I did a couple years ago.”

Andrés is an intercultural learning and global competence specialist. He does research on Global Citizenship Education and lived, worked and studied in 6 countries in 3 continents, mainly thanks to AFS.

He is currently the Educational Products Coordinator, at AFS Intercultural Programs, mainly running the Global Up programs for Higher Education Institutions and non-profit organizations.

Andrés will facilitate a workshop titled, “Unveiling the Invisible: Decoding Power and Privilege through Global Competence”

What lies beneath the surface? What invisible forces influence the world’s power dynamics? This highly immersive workshop, based on the award-winning Global Competence Certificate curriculum, will allow participants to explore and challenge power structures using Global Competence and Intercultural Learning tools, essential to understand what perpetuates inequality.