Dr. Maureen Manning is an international consultant, presenter, and keynote speaker on global education and culturally responsive leadership, and the VP of Strategy and Insight for The PIE. She has both K-12 and university experience, serving as a central office Director of Global Education & International Admissions, as well as a Director of English Language Education, Family & Community Engagement, & Communications over her 25+ year career in educational leadership. In the HEI sector, Manning has worked as a doctoral chair, professor, teacher trainer, and professional development facilitator across the United States, Asia, Australia, and Europe, modeling best practices in strengthening intercultural competencies to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging. As the VP North America, she has facilitated student, faculty-led, and adult international tours and exchange programs with Lingo Tours. 

A seasoned presenter, Dr. Manning is also a peer reviewer for academic papers, articles, and conference applications, and as a national professional development grant reviewer for the US Department of Education. She works as a consultant to organizations across the globe. Using a systems-thinking and marketing lens, she advises on strategy and insight and co-creates evidence-based, data-driven plans with stakeholders to help launch organizations to heightened levels of success.

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Maureen will speak on a panel titled, “Education for Employment: What Really Matters in the Real World.”