“I am so excited to attend the Youth Assembly again this year and represent the great work on the UN SDSN’s Global Schools Program. Let’s join together to educate the next generation to create the world we want to see”

Kendra-Lee Heney is the Project Lead, Education, for the Global Schools Program, an initiative of the UN SDSN, where she oversees 300 teachers across 80 countries in the organization’s Advocacy Program. Kendra’s main interest is empowering children and youth with disabilities through quality education. She has over 10 years of experience promoting inclusive education in Canada, the United Kingdom, Rwanda and Uganda to promote inclusive curriculum, capacity building and teacher training. Kendra has a Master’s degree in Children, Youth And International Development as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Disability Studies. She is also currently working with Hope and Healing International as a Child Development Specialist.

Connect with Kendra-Lee

Kendra-Lee will facilitate a workshop titled, “Inspiring Global Citizenship: How to build global education projects in schools and youth-led organizations.”

In this session, participants will be introduced to the Global Schools Program, SDSN, and learn about the benefits of global citizenship education, education for sustainable development, and climate education for young people. Global Schools will share inspiring examples of how youth and teachers have successfully developed global education projects in schools and youth-led organizations. Participants will be led through interactive activities to learn:

  • how to explain global citizenship to youth
  • how to design creative peer-education projects or child/youth-based programming.

Finally, Global Schools will share opportunities for future learning and engagement.