“We are thrilled to represent the Global Schools Program for the second year in a row and lead a workshop on education. Looking forward to a great AFS Youth Assembly!”

Amanda Jo Abrom is the Program Manager of the Global Schools Program, an initiative of the UN SDSN. She is an avid advocate for transformative education and has held positions from the classroom to the multilateral level. Amanda has spoken and led sessions at the Vatican Youth Symposium, the UNCTAD Youth Conference in Geneva, the World Urban Forum, the Aspen Institute Climate Young Leaders Forum, the AFS Youth Assembly, the ECOSOC Youth Forum And more. She looks forward to sharing the work of Global Schools and showcasing pathways for other youth to promote education and sustainable development.

Connect with Amanda

Amanda will facilitate a workshop titled, “Inspiring Global Citizenship: How to build global education projects in schools and youth-led organizations.”

In this session, participants will be introduced to the Global Schools Program, SDSN, and learn about the benefits of global citizenship education, education for sustainable development, and climate education for young people. Global Schools will share inspiring examples of how youth and teachers have successfully developed global education projects in schools and youth-led organizations. Participants will be led through interactive activities to learn:

  • how to explain global citizenship to youth
  • how to design creative peer-education projects or child/youth-based programming.

Finally, Global Schools will share opportunities for future learning and engagement.