“The Youth Assembly is the ultimate global event for youth to connect, learn and grow through friendship, hard work and activism.”

Daniela is a Law and International Trade student at Universidad la Salle Costa Rica. She currently works in an international law firm, but also at the Costa Rican Congress. 

Daniela is the founder and executive manager of an NGO called Young Leaders Costa Rica, working to promote the SDGs and positive leadership in Costa Rican youth, through learning, advocating, volunteering and executing very important social projects. Currently, Young Leaders Costa Rica has 4 committees working directly with UN Sustainable Goals #4, #5, #10, #13 and #17. 

Daniela is an experienced Youth Assembly Ambassador, with a national and regional network, to promote participation at this amazing event and also to promote the 2030 Agenda worldwide. She is currently an ambassador of other international organizations that work with climate action, clean water and sanitation, gender equality and quality education. Daniela also actively works on national politics, leading the biggest political youth movement in Costa Rica, giving opportunities to women and youth to be part of the decision making in their party, country and communities. She is currently part of international and regional political organizations, advocating and leading gender equality and environmental projects and fights.

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