The Youth Assembly Advisory Council’s eight appointed outstanding youth will help shape the agenda for the 28th Youth Assembly on August 11-13, 2023 in NYC. In this webinar convened on November 14, 2022 hear from youth around the world about their global and local priorities as we discuss the theme for next year. Results from the Global Survey were presented where hundreds of youths’ voices were heard on setting the agenda for the Youth Assembly.

We have received hundreds of responses from youth across the world to the Global Survey – which asked you what young people want the main theme/focus areas to be at the 28th Youth Assembly. During the webinar, we discussed the survey results and heard from the Youth Assembly Advisory Council members. Meet the Advisory Council members here.

Based on the survey the following areas/SDGs were the most important for youth across the world – Poverty, Quality education, Climate Action &  Peace & Justice (SDG 1, 4, 13, 16). In particular, youth really want to work on building solutions to poverty and the intersections of poverty with the other three areas. 

Under education, topics such as gender equality and digital literacy seem to be the most popular. As we all can see the effects of the pandemic, digital learning and literacy have become an ever so important topic to alleviate the increasing education divide globally. 

Youth are at the forefront of Climate action initiatives today as more and more young people join forces to work on the ground to take action, platforms such as COP27 are underway as we speak and youth have a growing voice on what they want for their future. 

Peace & security issues are on the rise, youth want to be able to be part of the discussion on solving the world’s biggest challenges. Not only should they be at the center of decision making but they are the ones who seek stability in their regions and homes as their lives are affected the most.

Join us in exploring these topics in August 2023 in New York City, register for the 28th Session of the Youth Assembly.

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