Trinity Gaw Donohugh is a high school senior, an education activist, and a social entrepreneur. Growing up, she has always been fascinated about how technology can be used to solve local and national issues. Following a visit back to her grandfather’s birth place in Myanmar (Burma), and seeing the lack of basic computer literacy skills and access to education for students in rural areas, she wanted to bring positive change.

In 2015, she founded the GirlsforCS initiative to use audio podcasts to bring computer literary education to students in Myanmar (Burma), and with the help of friends and various local NGOs, their podcasts have now reached other parts of Asia and Africa. As the reach of the GirlsforCS podcasts grew, Trinity realised the need for a more sustainable operating model which led her to co-found the social enterprise Khonaa to connect Burmese artists with international consumers. Her determination and passion for encouraging more young people to bring positive change locally and globally, further inspired her to create DiscussForChange, an online platform to raise awareness on global issues and encourage students actions to address community needs.

In addition to her advocacy work, Trinity is also a competitive swimmer and triathlete. She is actively involved in her school as a committee prefect and in her local community, running weekly coding workshops for local primary school students.