“You are standing up and speaking out. You are on the right side of history”
– António Guterres, UN Secretary-General

These words resonate strongly with me as I watched events such as the Youth Climate Strike and Climate Summit unfold this weekend, in what I think will be one of the most historic General Assemblies ever held, due in large part to young people. Millions of young people from cities around the world joined so their collective voice would be heard, and it was evident that talk is no longer enough. Everywhere on social media the message was loud and clear: “We want action.”

We at the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation hear that message and agree that IT’S TIME to stop talking and start doing, and we are determined to do our part, beginning with the 25th Session of the Youth Assembly. We chose a very bold theme for YA25 to make a statement about the new direction for the Youth Assembly and FAF – “It’s Time: Youth for Global Impact”. With this YA, we will have an increased focus on action and impact that will complement and build on the strong interactive sessions we are known for, and there will be greater opportunities for networking.

I am also pleased to introduce Klevisa Kovaci as our new Program Manager for the Youth Assembly. Klevisa has previously overseen all special events and logistics at the last three Youth Assemblies. In addition, she designed our new Global Development Leadership Series which we launched this summer. Klevisa holds a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics from Fairfield University. She is also fluent in French and plays the Flute. You will be hearing from Klevisa soon about what’s new with this YA and how we are going to make this the most action-oriented Youth Assembly ever.

At our recent Summer YA, we talked about “New Horizons for Global Youth” and the positive world we know we can have. At this YA, we will now begin plans to achieve these horizons, but this cannot happen without you. I hope you consider the UN Secretary-General’s message as a call to action to solve the world’s most pressing problems. You are needed, and so I invite to join us at the 25th Youth Assembly to work alongside other youth leaders and changemakers like you who recognize… IT’S TIME.

Stay tuned.
The next Youth Assembly is coming in August 2022!

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