by Sabrina Batista

The 24th Youth Assembly is following its theme of “New Horizons”. For the first time, our flagship event will be held at the Capital of the United States – Washington DC. As a complement to the Youth Assembly, our delegates will also be able to fully experience our new host city through the Global Development Leadership (GDL) Series, a new program for young leaders that provide learning opportunities k in different development tracks, such as Economic Development, Human Development, Environment, and Peace.

When I heard the news about the next Youth Assembly happening in DC, I got excited! Not only because I live here, but especially because I think that the city has everything to do with the Youth Assembly and the new GDL Series. Here are just some of the reasons why  Washington DC is the perfect place to start your leadership journey this summer!

If you don’t know this already, DC is all about politics and global affairs. Considering that DC is the capital of the largest economy in the world, we can say that some of the most important decisions that impacted the international community are done  here, which makes DC a key city in the international field.

Furthermore, some of the most important intergovernmental organizations in the world are established in DC, such as the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, UN Foundation, UNA USA, Climate Reality, and many more. Those in the GDL Series will be able to visit these organizations and others, based on the track you choose, to further enrich your knowledge and experience. DC also boasts more than 175 foreign embassies, residences, chanceries, and diplomatic missions, which brings a great cultural diversity to the city. You’ll see people from all over the world and hear lots of different languages not only at the Youth Assembly, but also just walking around the city.

Additionally, Washington DC is a beautiful, iconic city (especially during the summer), holding some of the US’s most famous and iconic landmarks, such as the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and of course the White House and the Capitol. Plus, you can enjoy some of the best museums of the country (most of which are free!) or simply stroll through the city’s peaceful parks.

We are very excited to see you at the 24th Session of The Youth Assembly in Washington DC. I know that you’ll fall in love with DC – like I did – and will have an incredible experience with lots of learning, cultural exchange, and fun!