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The AFS Youth Assembly brings together young leaders and changemakers worldwide, empowering them with opportunities to connect with peers and influencers, develop critical skills, and transform their vision for a better future through innovative action.

One of the Youth Assembly’s key demographics is young educators: leaders and catalysts for bringing about action and change through their practices, and preparing learners to tackle the most urgent challenges of the 21st century. Yet, few educators have the preparation and tools needed to incorporate global citizenship education into their daily work and foster students’ agency to take action on global issues.

The Global Educators Academy at the AFS Youth Assembly is a hands-on program track designed to assemble a motivated, international cohort of fifty young educators to engage in interactive learning and skill-building around global citizenship education. In a special full-day workshop preceding the AFS Youth Assembly, Global Educators will develop their own intercultural and global competencies as they explore how to foster them with their learners and communities beyond.


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Create Impact

Discover and incorporate resources designed to increase student engagement with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and global citizenship into everyday curriculum, across various teaching and learning styles.

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Develop Skills

Foster active global citizenship and its values in educational settings, locally and globally.

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Connect & Engage

Forge connections with a global cohort of young educators interested in global issues and future classroom collaboration (whether in-person, hybrid, or virtual).

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In addition to the direct impact on participating educators from all regions of the globe, the Academy will impact participants’ students, local schools, and their communities beyond. Participants will also build and strengthen a network of educators in their regions.


The Academy and program communications will be facilitated in English.


Active/in-service educators, ages 18-32; ability to secure a travel visa and travel to the United States (the Academy is an in-person event).

“The AFS Youth Assembly filled me with greater hope for the future, showed me opportunities I didn’t know existed, and provided the motivation to continue with my current endeavors.”

—Lomme Vanderhoydonck, 26 years old, Belgium

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Scholarships for the Global Educators Academy

Scholarships applications for the all AFS Youth Assembly Academies are now closed.

Scholarships for the Youth Assembly Academies cover the program registration fees, which gives you access to everything listed as included in the program, plus a travel stipend in the form of a reimbursement for your transportation costs.

Candidates must meet all of the requirements below to be considered eligible for this scholarship:

  • Be an active/in-service educator (proof is required);
  • Have never attended the AFS Youth Assembly before;
  • Be between 18 – 32 years old at the time of application;
  • Be able to actively participate in program sessions conducted in English;
  • Have the ability to secure a travel visa and travel to the United States (the Academy is an in-person event).

See what is included

This Academy includes accommodation in a hotel in New York City for 4 nights. Meals included for participants in the Global Educators Workshop:

  • Aug 15: welcome dinner
  • Aug 16: breakfast and lunch
  • Aug 17: breakfast, snacks and dinner
  • Aug 18: breakfast and snacks

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