“The AFS Youth Assembly represents a pivotal opportunity for me, signifying a global platform where young leaders and changemakers unite to create lasting impact. What resonates with me most about the AFS Youth Assembly is its ability to connect like-minded peers, provide access to invaluable insights from experts, and equip us with the skills and inspiration needed to turn our collective vision for a better future into meaningful action.”

Djenabou Bah is a dedicated advocate for global development and empowerment. With a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies, specializing in development, and a minor in Community Change Studies from CUNY City College of New York, she’s driven by her passion to address pressing global challenges. Djenabou’s commitment to creating a positive impact is evident through her focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She aspires to work with international organizations like UNDP and USAID to combat poverty, improve access to quality education, address unemployment, mitigate climate change, and advance women’s rights. Her leadership extends to her role as a delegate for the University Student Senate of The City University of New York (USS-CUNY), where she represented over 500,000 students across 25 CUNY campuses, advocating for their rights and welfare.

Djenabou’s dedication also shows as Vice President of Programs for the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Club (NFBPWC) New York City Chapter, where she advocates for women’s rights and equity. Furthermore, Djenabou is a founding member of the Afghan Women Project, empowering displaced Afghan women in the United States to establish meaningful lives as business and professional women. Her efforts have resulted in remarkable achievements, including integration guidebooks, ESL tutoring, and support for resettlement camps. Professionally, Djenabou has contributed to grant development, is working as a Data Analyst at NIQ, and founded AirSea Safari Getaways, a travel agency focused on creating memorable journeys. Djenabou Bah’s dedication to global progress is rooted in a genuine desire to make a positive impact, capturing the spirit of the SDGs and motivating others to become part of the SDGs mission.


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