“The AFS Youth Assembly, to me, represents a community of love, passion, action, and transformation. Every young person I’ve had the privilege of meeting on this platform has left a profound and positive mark on my journey. Whether through our interactions or their impactful work in their local communities, they have inspired me to be a more influential and positive force in my own community than I ever thought possible. This was never going to be possible without the AFS Youth Assembly’s platform.”

Delton Domah is the founder and CEO of SafeNet Guardians, an organization dedicated to empowering students, youth, and non-tech-savvy individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to protect themselves from cybercrime. He is also a returning Ambassador to the AFS Youth Assembly for Liberia. Since joining the Youth Assembly in 2019, he has forged impactful networks and partnered with young leaders in his community to drive social change. Due to his dedicated leadership he has received recognition as an Outstanding Youth Ambassador at the 26th, 27th, and 28th Youth Assemblies.

Delton’s passion for youth capacity development, service, and humanity has led him to collaborate with various local and international organizations, organizing numerous youth-driven programs, providing humanitarian assistance across Liberia, and promoting Liberian art and culture. Additionally, Delton serves as a board member of Healing Liberia, a charitable organization based in Liberia that assists less fortunate Liberians with critical medical support and care.

His innovative efforts are focused on addressing some of the more pressing challenges in Liberia, including combating sexual and gender-based violence, advancing ICT development in Liberia, supporting the education and health sectors, empowering youth, promoting equality, social justice, and inclusion. He works to advance SDGs: 1,4 & 5

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