“The AFS Youth Assembly always has a special place in my heart, because of meeting so many nice and passionate people around the world, collaborating and exchanging cultures. All of these amazing things can be described in one word: memorable. I always share my experiences and learnings from the Changemaker Program and the AFS Youth Assembly with all of the people around me, I wish everyone could experience the joy that I felt by being a part of this program.”


Ayesha Humayra Fayyaza is a Medical Student, Young Researcher, and Biology Medalist from Indonesia. She and her team have done research to shape a more sustainable environment, including making an organic ink from avocado seeds, affordable dengue fever medicine from catfish for people in rural places, and nanomagnetic biomedicine to accelerate cancer healing that have obtained many achievements at international level and published in several journal.

Apart from her exceptional passion in research and science, she is also very fond of SDG 4, Quality Education. She created EdukaSTEM, a platform since 2022 to encourage youth innovative skills and opportunities, introducing them to STEM and also supporting young people in rural areas and orphanages in Indonesia to be changemakers, innovators, and co-creators of their own solutions. Right now, her programs consist of more than 40 brilliant children. She believes that if young people are prepared with the relevant skills to become productive and engaged members of society, they could significantly contribute towards a positive impact.

Her contributions have made her been chosen as a Youth Network of UNICEF Indonesia, Activist of Help Build Tomorrow Organization, and UN Youth Delegate by UN Major Group for Children and Youth to advocate Children Education and Research. Until now, she has been chosen to be a delegate for several UN Forum, such as Economic and Social Youth Forum 2023, and High level Political Forum 2023 for UN Major Group for Children and Youth.

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